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Inspired by the divi divi trees, swept by trade-winds all their lives, this walnut tree will enjoy the breezes on your wall. The tree measures 17 x 21 ” but you make the tree with leaves any size you want. The tree and 14 leaves are all mounted on short posts that stick into a sheet rock wall. The idea is to leave them away from the wall just a bit to provide some dimension and shadow.

You put the leaves any place you like depending on the amount of ‘wind’ you’d like to simulate. This piece is not recommended for hard surfaces like wood paneling as you need to push the parts into the wall to create your own look. You should be able to mount on a hard wall using ‘Simply Tacky’, the sticky clay, but I’ve not tried it.

The piece includes the tree and 14 leaves. It is finished with tung oil.


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