Gnome Foot Bridge


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Keep your gnomes safe from marauding garden predators with a gnome  foot bridge. Ours is fun to build and will tie together your gnomage into a tidy little community. It’s easy to build. It won’t take more than on hour of your time and when you’re done the gnomes will thank you.

The ends look like tunnels into the tree and they measure about 4″ x 5″. We offer bridges in 1-4 foot lengths and you can easily adapt one to anything in between by simply leaving off some treads. The one in the picture is a 1 ft bridge. Each additional foot adds two more bridge trusses and eight more treads.

Watch our series of videos to see how easy it is to build your own bridge.

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1 foot, 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet


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